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Improved cardiovascular control and hemodynamic variability have been associated with reduced cardiovascular risk and mortality in patients with CEIS (4.5). This study determines whether this favourable autonomic consequence of ECA inhibition could be affected by long-term ethanol administration in female rats. Consistent with previous reports (5), spectral analysis of hemodynamic variability in this study showed that enalapril increased spontaneous BRS (α index) in control rats. B2R signaling appears to be involved in the baroreflex effect of enalapril, which was abolished by the previous B2R block (bradyzide). The inhibition of ECA increases the level of bradykinin (6) which sensitizes both vagalal and monkey-based sympathetic fibers involved in controlling the reflex of autonomic cardiac activity (26,27). The absence of an effect of enalapril on baroreflexe activity in ethanol-fed rats therefore seems surprising, despite the simultaneous increase in B2R activity. A possible explanation for this paradox may be related to ethanol`s ability to disrupt other Baroreflex regulatory mechanisms that will compensate for the expected facilitation of Baroreflex`s reaction to enalapril in ethanol-fed rats. In fact, we (28) et al. (29) have reported that ethanol disrupts the central pathways of glutamate (inhibition) and GABAerge (relief) which are essential for central processing of information on baror receptors. If you are a member, log in here to get 50% off certain contracts and agreements. ACE agreements are sector documents for the appointment of consultants and engineers who offer current and flexible agreements to both clients and consultants. Rosemary Beales on what the disruption caused by COVID-19 means for your legal agreements.

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Contact our helpline now for contract, legal, personnel, tax and business advice. In summary, this study revealed the first experimental evidence that chronic ethanol potentiates the decrease in blood pressure induced by ECA inhibition in female rats, at least in part due to an increase in ras activity. Facilitation of B2R signaling also appears to contribute to ethanol-enalexril interaction, as: (i) chronic ethanol significantly increased B2R expression in the kidney tissues and (ii) the prior blockage of bradykinin B2R by bradyzide exaggerated the excessive antihyperttensive effect of enalapril in ethanol-treated rats. It is also interesting to note that ethanol has virtually abolished the favourable effect of B2R-dependent enalapril on baroreflex reactivity. Clinically, alcohol consumption should be avoided or, at the very least, minimized to protect excessive falls in PBs when ECIs are used in normotensile women as cardioprotents or to reduce decreased kidney function (2).