Tiasa Collective Employment Agreement

Did your employer follow the rules of your employment contract when they asked you to take a leave of absence during the blockage? COVID-19 does not exempt your employer from complying with the terms of your employment contract. Or the minimum legal requirements of the law. I don`t follow the rules, so they can`t take your vacation away from you. There are a number of employment contracts for different types of jobs: together, we offer a strong and competent voice for allied employees everywhere, regardless of how they are labelled – professionals, in general, support agents or other titles. We were created only 50 years ago and we are a very active, inclusive and very effective representative for allied collaborators. Our success rate is unmatched and we set the standard for more equitable wage, recognition and employment conditions across the industry. Allied collaborators are the solid foundations on which the entire sector is built, but all too often underestimated and undervalued. TIASA`s job is to ensure the true value of the thousands of employees whose job it is not to provide services, but who are equally valuable. We work tirelessly to ensure that allied collaborators are recognized everywhere as truly equal partners and contributors to the success of every measure of our country`s higher education system, students and institutions. We are a young union, alive, highly respected and innovative, which continues to look forward while ensuring the national profits made during our many years of existence. Our job is to negotiate the best terms of pay and work, provide specialized advice and representation on all employment issues that affect you, and engage constructively on your behalf with executives at all levels, including government and other key decision makers. The vast majority of allied employees in our sector belong to TIASA, which gives us strength and influence.

Any new member who joins TIASA contributes to this strength and influence. We welcome you to TIASA, your technical vote for all aspects of your job and your future in the changing NZ higher education. Laury Shum laury.shum@aut.ac.nz Ph: 09 921 9999 ext 7719 Matekohi Tamati matekohi.tamati@wintec.ac.nz Ph: 07 834 8800 ext 8331 Massey University Wellington PO Box 756 WELLINGTON 6140 Private Bag 39803 Wellington Mail Centre Lower Hutt 5045 Lorna Vickerman lorna.vickerman@whitireia.ac.nz Ph: 04 237 3103 extn 3780 Carol McClint ock CMcClintock@northtec.ac.nz Ph: 09 470 3867 Amon Heremia amon.heremia@openpolytechnic.ac.nz Ph: 04 913 5679 Karen Bingham karen.bingham@openpolytechnic.ac.nz Ph: 04 913 5124 Louie Elliott LElliott@northtec.ac.nz Ph: 09 470 3800 Leonie Davidson leonie.davidson@weltec.ac.nz Ph: 04 9202 475 Unions call on government to support international convention against violence and harassment on work — The Council of Trade Unions is calling on the New Zeala… the government to ratify an International Labour Organization (ILO) convention against violence and harassment in the workplace. Justine Silbery justine.silbery@manukau.ac.nz Ph: 09 968 7616 “Today we presented artwork to the Minister of Family Prevention and Sexual Violence, Marama Davidson. These works of art were created to inspire and promote this international convention. Both the Labour Party and the Greens have stated publicly that they will ensure that people are safe at work and we see no reason for New Zealand not to sign the convention and make it official on the international stage,” said Ansell-Bridges. Fiona Rongo fiona.rongo@manukau.ac.nz Ph: 09 976 0883 Kayla Collins kayla.collins@ara.ac.nz Ph: 03 940 8683 Ruth Millhouse ruth.millhouse@op.ac.nz Ph: 03 479 3833 David Lloyd d.lloyd@witt.ac.nz Ph: 06 757 3100 extn 87 86 Johanna Moeller johanna.moeller@weltec.ac.nz Tel: 04 920 2454 Stephen Brebner sbrebner@unitec.ac.nz Ph: 09 892 8223 Adrian Jenkins ajenkins@unitec.ac.nz Ph. 09 892 8674 Silvia Gassebner silvia.gassebner@nmit.ac.nz Ph: 03 546 9175 .