Workplace Behaviour Agreement

Dealing with disruptive or demanding behavior is rarely simple. However, there are some strategies that make things easier. If the behavior is severe or repetitive, it may be a good idea to have a meeting with a student to implement a behavioral agreement. We promote freedom of expression and open communication. But we expect all employees to adhere to our Code of Conduct. You should avoid insulting, participating in serious conflicts and disrupting our workplace. We also expect them to foster a well-organized, respectful and collaborative environment. This code of conduct was developed on [date] and will be discussed at a meeting on [date]. This model employee code of conduct is ready to be adapted to the needs of your company and should be considered as a starting point for the implementation of your employment policies. A policy relating to the Employee Code of Conduct may also be referred to as conduct in the Workplace Policy. If a formal code of conduct is required, include details under the following headings: Employees must be friendly and collaborative. They should try not to disrupt the workplace or represent barriers to the work of their colleagues. What to do if the agreement is not respected This policy applies to all our employees, regardless of their employment contract or rank.

We expect employees to avoid personal, financial or other interests that could impede their ability or willingness to perform their professional duties. Our Employee Code of Conduct Describes our expectations for employee behavior toward colleagues, supervisors, and the organization as a whole. Employees must respect their schedules. We may make exceptions for cases that prevent employees from tracking normal working hours or days. But in general, we expect employees to arrive at work on time and leave work. We may take legal action in the event of corruption, theft, embezzlement or any other illegal conduct. Employees should, where possible, protect operating facilities and other physical assets (e.B company cars) from damage and vandalism. All employees must read and follow our company policies. .